Institute for Nuclear Theory Renovation
University of Washington

Q: What did the nuclear physicist have for lunch?
A: Fission chips

But seriously, folks…  Buffalo Design recently completed work with the UW Institute for Nuclear Theory to renovate their space in the Physics/Astronomy Building.  The national Institute for Nuclear Theory was established in 1990 by the US Department of Energy and is based at the University of Washington in Seattle. The Institute hosts ongoing programs and workshops for physicists attending from around the world. Buffalo Design worked with a team from the Institute to develop seminar spaces for formal presentations and flexible “living rooms” designed to promote informal collaborative exchange between attendees.

The main “living room” can instantly accommodate a spontaneous presentation using a variety of media, can be set up for coffee or cocktail hours, and is easily repurposed for more formal programs.

Informal collaboration areas focused around large glass writing boards are incorporated throughout the space.

Buffalo Design created artwork, inspired by classic scientific equations and models.


photography ©Francis Zera /