the herd

Lisa Roberts


  • Programming, planning and innovative design lead
  • Workplace planning and design specialist
  • Focused on creating healthy environments
  • World class shoe collector

Chris Carlson

Principal, AIA

  • Healthcare planning and design lead
  • Public architecture and planning
  • Historic preservation advocate
  • British car devotee

Christine Chaney

Senior Designer

  • Has the “big idea”
  • Workplace design strategist
  • Crochet expert working on elevating ‘70’s string art into a high art-form
  • Speaks 8 foreign accents (each with their own name!)

Mitch Yockey

Senior Project Architect

  • Project management and construction administration
  • Architectural detailer
  • Encyclopedic knowledge of the field
  • Celtic music composer
  • Mandolin virtuoso

Daniel Foran

Project Manager

  • Dedicated and meticulous project manager
  • BIM/Revit production specialist
  • Personal interest in creating spaces supporting social and environmental wellness
  • Resident violinist
  • Avid consumer of devastating documentaries

Sheyda Sharareh

Healthcare Designer

  • Dedicated to design for health and wellness
  • Collaborative and innovative
  • Skillful integrator of technology
  • Accomplished painter

Dale Carlson

Technical Staff

  • CAD production specialist
  • Interior detailing perfectionist
  • Architectural model maker
  • Sumo fan

Sarah Reagan


  • Chief Accountant
  • Office Management
  • Dedicated to the war on clutter
  • Lifting enthusiast and craft cocktail snob

Leni Thomassen

Marketing Manager

  • Business development and website leader
  • InDesign enthusiast
  • Focused, organized perfectionist
  • Dreams of perfect kerning, tracking, and leading
  • Lifelong candy freak