Collaboration is at the center of everything we do. We develop solutions that reflect your vision while respecting the surrounding community and environment.

Working with you, not just for you.

Buffalo Design is a skilled, multidisciplinary team that brings a fresh, collaborative approach to problem solving and design. We understand that your organization reflects a vision, values and a philosophy that are critical to your customers, staff, patients, providers and administrators. It’s our job to deliver the innovation, experience and resources that guide the process while assuring that the vision remains your own.

Respecting context.

Our design responses are inspired by the communities and organizations we work with, reflecting what is special about your building, neighborhood or region.

Delivering responsible solutions.

Buffalo Design strives to create healthy environments for learning, working and healing. We emphasize the use of sustainable construction practices, recyclable and non-toxic materials and our buildings are shaped with respect for the land and weather patterns. You will find us bringing the latest technologies and materials for your consideration from LED lighting sources that save you energy to recycled rubber flooring that cuts wear and tear on your feet. Buffalo Design is a corporate member of the US Green Building Council and supports its mission to improve the quality of life through environmentally and socially responsible design. Responsible, sustainable design is not a trend. It has been a priority at Buffalo Design for the last 30 years.